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Instant IDE - Suggestions

* File -> Reload All Open Files
* File -> Save All Open Files
* File -> Close All Open Files (and save state)
* File -> Open Saved Files

Really would like to edit the editor theme or create my own

Would like to close the preview area to the right.
In the context menu of the file browser, when I right lick on a folder, it would be nice to refresh JUST the contents of that folder instead of having to refresh the entire tree.

Some kind of font size control would be great as well. The existing font is just a tiny bit too small for my old eyes.


Cobalt Apps Developer
Great suggestions. I'll keep these in mind. Just curious about this one:

In the context menu->command palette, can you remove the items not supported?
As far as I know, only relevant menu items should be displaying. Is that not the case?