If I was just starting out with CobaltApps products...

Good morning all, first post here.

I've been using Genesis framework themes exclusively for some time. Having said that, I see the migration from Genesis-specific to multi-framework plugins here.

So if I was just starting out with CobaltApps with no prior experience, and only using Genesis Framework:
Should I go with Extender Pro and Themer Pro (multi-framework), or Genesis Extender and Genesis DevKit (Genesis only)?
I don't write much PHP, but I don't need a code builder to do so.

I'm leaning toward the former.



Cobalt Apps Developer
If you feel that you'd benefit from the no-coding design options found in DevKit then that may be the way to go, but if you're more interested in moving in the direction of custom coding and/or want to be able to use many different Genesis Child Themes (DevKit works specifically with the Genesis Sample Theme design as a kind of "Blank Canvas" starting point) then I'd go with the Cobalt Coder Pack bundle that includes Extender Pro, Themer Pro, and Instant IDE, for the same price as Extender Pro and Themer Pro.
I have StudioPress full collection and a few third-party themes as well, so the Cobalt Coder Pack sounds like the way to go.

Thanks, Doug