Hidden Treasure — DWB's Shortcode Functionality

Hi Eric,

I was freshening up on Custom Widgets, and in your video tutorial, you mentioned something that I've completely overlooked— the ability to use Hook-Boxes to make short-codes.

I loathe adding any new plugins to add functionality, over the years they all seem to go the way of the Doe-Doe Bird and end up costing me extra time and trouble.

So, I'm wondering how to make the best use of DWB Short-Code functionality. Could it be used in a similar way to Post Snippets Plugin?

For example— I use a rather complicated manual method to implement dynamic footnote references and was wondering if I could use hookbox shortcodes to streamline the process.

Another example would be to nest my image URLs into a fancy box, that links to a CDN to deliver the image in a large format.

I know that you're busy catching up with all of WP's Gutenberg changes, but it would be great if you find the time to give us a brief tutorial using DWB's shortcode functionality.

Happy Holidays
What, a wonderful holiday gift! Thanks Eric.

Just see how you put it to use was very helpful.

I'll be making the most out of this feature over the coming year!

Happy New Year 2019
Love this feature and great tutorial. I was using a plugin to achieve shortcodes without realising I had the ability in DWB all along.