Header question

Hi again !

Working on the sticky header, now.

While playing on two screens at work, I have come to see the responsive side of Dynamik and ended up liking the PNG attached.

Unfortunately, when on a normal PC screen, the title and tagline are at left - as you already figured out - and the nav menu is at right.

How can I make the header look like this PNG attached + add social icons UNDER nav menu while making the header still sticky ?

(Also, what is a good social icon widget compatible with Dynamik, if I may ask?).

Thanks for all the help.




When you set your logo to be centered (Dynamik Design - Header), the header right widget will be removed, so use the primary menu instead and set it to be centered (Dynamik Design - Nav). Digg the Docs to find out how to create a custom widget area right under the nav and populate it with your widget.
While the header with the logo will be sticky, the nav might not do this but I think Eric provided a video and some code in the CobaltApps blog.

Just about any social plugin should be compatible with Dynamik, this one is well known in the Genesis community: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-social-icons/
Well, with you pointing the right way, I figured out how to center the header and used the primary menu set in the center (YAY !).
I have planned to dig ALL the docs and tuts during next weekend and Easter's. I think I should have done it earlier - though time won't probably be enough! Patience is the key!
You are a great help, siga - thanks a lot.


You're welcome, glad to hear it's working out for you! DWB sure has a learning curve but it's worth digging into it. :)