Extender Pro Plugin Not Working with Renamed Theme Folder

I just recently upgraded to the Extender Pro plugin, I like that it can be used with Multiple frameworks. When using these different frameworks I often rename the theme folder as part of my own branding of the modified theme, so that the name that shows up in the site code is my own. I noticed that with renamed theme folders, the Extender Pro plugin is throwing an error on the back end, saying that the plugin needs "compatible" themes to function. I ran into this With the Pro plugin for GeneratePress as well, but was given a work-around to stop the error, and the plugin still works.

So my question is, do you have a similar work-around for the Extender Pro plugin? I noticed that it still works with my Genesis websites, I guess because it's looking for the parent theme folder name and not the child. There is no need to change the Genesis parent folder as the genesis child theme name overrides the parent theme name in the site code.

Looking forward to any responses on this question.

Thanks, Rob