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  1. eric

    Quick-Edit Page Templates With Front-End "Edit Code" Button

    Just added a new docs article about this Themer Pro feature: I use this little code snippet in all my page templates as I prefer hard coding, and it's a nice time saver in those scenarios.
  2. eric

    What Are "Other Tools"?

    This sub-forum is for those Cobalt Apps products that are either very basic or simple and therefore do not need an entire forum dedicated to them, or for those tools that are essentially a part of a more prominent tool, ported out into its own Plugin. So if you don't see a Cobalt Apps Product...
  3. eric

    What You Need To Know About This Forum

    The Cobalt Apps Community Forum is a place where our members can come and discuss, get help, share their work, and provide us with valuable feedback to help make Cobalt Apps even better. It's free to register an account and we welcome people of all backgrounds and skill levels. The forum rules...