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    updates run- warning

    Both the PHP and Dynamik versions are quite outdated and should be updated. Update PHP WordPress now recommends PHP 7.0 or greater. Depending on your hosting they may provide controls for you to change that yourself or they may need to do it for you.
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    Site Preview Mode

    Check out this Site Preview Overview tutorial video:
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    Extender vs Extender pro

    Extender Pro is essentially all of our Extender Plugins wrapped into one but note that Genesis Extender has a few notable features that Extender Pro does not, such as the EZ Static Homepage feature, the PHP Builder tool, and the ability to add custom Google Fonts through the Extender interface...
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    Where do I find the demos of the Skins that Dynamik provides?

    Dynamik Skins are available on your My Account page at More info and demos are available at